Everything we do has its basis in the exchange of heat. Whether it is the petrochemical or food-processing industry, packaging or other branches, there are always bases for engineering deliveries with a focus on cooling, heating, freezing, or condensation, or also the maintaining of environmental conditions and of substances at the required temperature.

Types of deliveries:

  • Exchange heaters, condensers, tube bundles
  • Steel structures
  • Fans
  • Shutters
  • Particular components and spare parts for deliveries
  • Logistics – packing, transportation, assembly supervision, putting in operation

We guarantee:

  • engineering activities in the field of heat exchangers
  • specialization in air-coolers
  • thermal calculation, engineering and detailed design
  • production and delivery of heat exchangers or only their parts according to your requirements
  • deliveries individually or tailor-made
  • business activity


We are concerned mainly with the structures of pressure vessels, air-coolers, condensers, tube bundles, heating cells, steel structures, etc.

We are able to construct any pressure vessels, including double-surface, according to the different regulations and rules.

We can design the vessels and devices from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, titan, aluminium and its alloys.

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