At present, DERUTEX, s.r.o. belongs among the most well-established companies in the construction and production of varying types of products (welding, measuring, machining etc.), control models, single-purpose machines and facilities, welded structures or specific parts. Production is particularly focused on the automotive sector and customers are mainly represented by producers of parts for vehicles and producers of technological parts and construction offices.

Construction and design:

• design and development of single-purpose machines, manufacturing and control products,

• designs of products for automation of production.

Production possibilities:

• CNC machining using 5-axis tooling machines,

• Wire cutting and bore holes,

• Sheet metal pressing,

• Multiple-plane bending of round rods with a maximum diameter of 20 mm,

• MIG, MAG, TIG welding,

• Steel, stainless steel and duralumin welding.

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