The catalogue of our company is divided into three main lines:

  • production of atypical steel structures
  • towers for outdoor lighting
  • electro-assembly of works on low voltage(L.V.) devices

Our technical staff, with years of experience in this field, is your guarantee for the timely execution of your purchase order and risk minimization. The production takes place at our premises, equipped with all the useful technological devices necessary for the successful execution of orders.


We provide a complete line of components for outdoor lighting and poles. Moreover, we also offer base-hinged columns and we provide the following surface protection by coating, metallization or hot-dip galvanizing.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing components for rail traction which include railway, tram and trolleybus lines



Our steel constructions represent up-to-date and professional solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes.

All work is produced in accordance with the client’s projects: we provide workshop documentation, the production itself, surface protection, transport and assembly.

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