We offer our partners a dealership in the Austrian market.

We are experts in market analysis, suggestions of export strategies, searching and selection of business partners, organizing meetings and other services.

From our headquarters in Vienna, we combine products concerning steelworks and rolling mills from our partners in the Czech Republic and Poland with markets in Austria, Hungary and the Balkan States.

Our company operates in the following areas:

  • sale of rolled metallurgical material
  • sale of cut shapes
  • contracting of engineering products and industrial equipment
  • management of receivables for foreign entities
  • consultation, acquisition, marketing
  • legal and tax advice

Main fields of permanent cooperation with Austrian partners:

  • industrial equipment
  • steel structures of buildings and bridges
  • technological steel structures
  • boiler bodies and storage tanks
  • parts for hydropower
  • containers
  • cut shapes
  • sheet piling

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